A self-made man from the town of Bhongir who served the central government of India for several years. A versatile businessman with a keen acumen to serve the society. A true visionary who has brought multiple businesses to successful fruition. Suvali estates is a testament of his grit & determination which took over a decade to crystallize. 

Subash Reddy Pulimamidi

Chairman & Founder
M.A(Socio) MBA (Marketing) CSG(USA)

An acclaimed professional in the field of education with masters from Osmania University as well as from New Jersey. Founder of primary school in the city of Hyderabad. Expansive experience as an educationist in the Elizabeth school district. Known for her kindness, patience and passion for education. She is responsible for the inception and development of Education System at Suvali. 

Suchitra Reddy Pulimamidi

M.A(O.U.) M.A-Special Education
Elizabeth Board of Education, NJ, USA

Bachelors in finance & economics from Rutgers University, NJ. Has built a commendable career in Information Technology over the past 2 decades. Currently IT Program Director at Diageo in Norwalk, CT. Sundeep is very passionate about health & fitness, likes to keep in shape and plays a variety of sports. He is also passionate about traveling the world.

Sundeep Reddy Pulimamidi

Chairman & Founder
IT Director Diageo, CT, USA

Bachelors in International Relations, Political Science, Rutgers NJ and a Masters in Special Education from SJSU, CA. Renowned special educationist who transformed the landscape by bringing in inclusive education programs to Palo Alto school district, CA. Switched careers and currently is the Chief Marketing Officer for Trupik, a startup from Silicon Valley. A charismatic and energetic persona, who is a go-getter irrespective of the domain at hand. 

Shivani Reddy Pulimamidi

Chief Marketing Officer,
Trupik Inc, CA, USA

Born & raised in Hyderabad, is now a highly accomplished Critical Care physician with a background training in Infectious Diseases. She is altruistic by nature and is ambitious and excited about executing futuristic ideas for the betterment of society. 

Dr. Shipali Reddy Pulimamidi

Critical Care Specialist,TX, USA